Why We Procrastinate — And How to Crush It

By | May 3, 2014

imagesProcrastination is the enemy of all and my enemy as well. We all try to avoid the pain that is certain to come our way if we step outside our comfort zone just a little bit. Want to buy a new car but don’t think you can afford the monthly payments? You will never take that step if you constantly berate yourself for not working hard enough or saving enough money. There is more than one car out there and they don’t all have the same payment plan attached to them. Do your research, find a vehicle you can afford and buy it. Walk toward that thing that hurts you so much you want to avoid it and get past it to where you can live a little better.

I think of a good friend of mine. He has a great job, makes a lot of money… and absolutely hates what he’s doing. He’s had that job for the past six years and hates it more today than he did when he first hired in. I keep asking him when he’s going to quit and apply for the type of job he really wants and his answer is always the same. He’s always waiting for his next vacation, or waiting for his bank account to reach some magic number so he can ‘float’ for a while on his savings if need be. There is always some good reason for not doing what he needs to do in order to be happy, because doing it will cause that momentary pain that he will have to get past in order to move on.

Procrastinators are always living in the future. They don’t learn from past experience and they don’t see the current moment as it passes them by. Instead, all they see is that perfect future day where everything will fall right into place and the one thing they have been dreading will just fix itself somehow. Then they know that they will sit back and laugh at themselves for not wanting to do what was so easy to do. But the trouble is, that perfect day isn’t coming, so people need to make the best of the current day and do what needs to be done now while they have the chance. We may never know a tomorrow, after all.

Once we manage to get past the putting everything painful off until tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day, we will suddenly find ourselves faced with our fear, and discover way down deep inside that we really do have the ability to get past that barrier and overcome the fear. All it takes is one little leap of faith and a tiny step of action. The new job is applied for, the new car is purchased, the new home is bought and you are moving in already. The sooner we stop procrastinating and get the job done, the happier we will be.

Check out this video from Robin Sharma for some more tips on how you can beat procrastination.

Alright! It’s time to beat procrastination, go out there and do hard things, crush it and live your dream.