The Importance of Taking Action

By | May 17, 2014


Great ideas go nowhere fast if they don’t have an action to go with them. You will never invent that perfect mousetrap if you never do any research on past mouse traps, finding out what worked and what didn’t. If you never do any actual work to bring that great idea to fruition, you may as well not even have an idea in the first place because it will never become anything more than that. If you have a dream try to make it come true. It won’t pursue you, you have to pursue it instead, as that’s the way the real world works.

Imagine that there is a group of people all assigned to the same task. There are four jobs that need to be done. The first is idea construction, the second is drafting the concept, the third is acquiring the tools and construction materials and the fourth job is the actual construction. There are four people and four tasks. If all four people are doing idea construction, nothing will ever get built, and it’s the same way with all of the everyday actions that we fail to take throughout our lives. Nothing ever comes of our great ideas and the reason is because we don’t want to carry out the construction of that idea into something tangible.

Successful people were not born into their success. Rather, they are successful because they went for it and did the footwork necessary to bring about that success instead of sitting around waiting for it to magically appear out of nothing. Those people didn’t just have good ideas, instead they had the idea and then went into action to make it happen. This kind of motivation is difficult for most of us, which is why only a few people actually become successful at what they do. The rest of us dream about success but those people stop dreaming and make it happen.

Anyone can become a success story but we can’t let the rest of the world bring us down to their level. Other people think we can’t do it, because they don’t think THEY can do it. The last thing they want is for you to prove them wrong as that means they are the ones who are wrong. Stop listening to the negativity of others and just listen to your heart as it guides you.

Low self esteem can make us afraid to take action. We think, there’s just no way that any idea of mine will ever make it in this world. I can’t be successful; I can’t come up with good ideas and make them work. Stopping the negativity is the first step toward positive action and positive results. When we stop thinking we can’t do and just go ahead and do it, we accomplish a lot toward changing our own perspective on life, work, success and failure. We basically become the one thing we never thought we could be… fulfilled.