One of the Hardest Goals

By | October 23, 2014

Oh, yes, it is darn hard to keep one’s weight within a normal and acceptable range. Who hasn’t felt a tug of fear when suddenly you realize you have gained five pounds. If your bathroom scale is signaling red alert, it is time to take stock of the situation. If you are lucky and have one of those fancy model best digital scales that tell you what you should weigh for your age and height, and then it adds your BMI, you have no excuse not to set some immediate goals. You have the tools and now you need the mindset. First and foremost, are you even concerned?

Poundage goes on fast and comes off with great difficulty. It does not melt away as the bogus ads for pills on the Internet state. I don’t care what medical pundit is touting miracle cures. It doesn’t happen over a weekend with a juice cleanse. It is a more intense process that requires real effort: mental and physical. If you are a very disciplined, self-controlling person, it should pose no problem. You apply the same tactics as you would in other areas of your life. You identify the area of concern and devise a solution. However, if your will power has been falling down on the job and you are failing at many other objectives you have set for yourself, you should take heed. This is an indication that some serious behavioral modification is in order!

Everyone needs a plan and some motivation, no matter what challenge they have to undertake—a roadmap and guidepost. You might need to save for a trip or new car, have to help grandma out, or are facing a rent raise. So you create a time table and mark the steps along the way. You continue on and don’t stop even in the face of certain obstacles. You had a sudden increase in your utility bill, your sister Sue needs an operation, and you accidentally ate a whole cake. You persevere, however, and extend your due date a little bit. You don’t scream “failure” at the first hindrance. You accept little glitches and sally forth on your way to goal success.

Tough goals are really hard to keep. All the more reason to pat yourself on the back when you reach them in time. Give yourself a gift or treat (non-fattening) when your scale says you have lost a pound. Remind yourself as you push away the ice cream offered after a dinner party, and say no to a second helping of potatoes. Say yes to fruits vegetables, lean meats, and nuts. Say yes to a new, better, and healthier you.

A final point: remember, if you are trying your very best and you just can’t make the grade no matter how hard you try, either alter your expectations, or simply move on. Torturing yourself will only lead to stress and an unhappy life. Acceptance is the flip side of failure. It can lead you forward in spite of setbacks. It allows you to succumb without shame.