Hitting a Plateau

By | November 4, 2014

Life is a dance that goes sometimes in a nice, straight line and sometimes around in circles. You don’t always know when and where and it may be beyond your control. If you are making a beeline to a goal, you feel energized and optimistic. If you are running around in circles like a ceiling fan, you need help. You’ve got to keep your cool, read some tower fan reviews (they don’t got round in circles), pick one up then pick yourself up ha-ha.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. However, we are also the only ones who know what we need to do to get off the wrong track. As yourself a few questions:

  • What is bothering me the most?
  • Who is bothering me the most?
  • How do I get off the merry-go-round?
  • How do I get on the train to success?

A little self-analysis goes a long way. When the ceiling fan mode is dominant, try a few tips I use regularly:

  • Calm down and take a breath; get a grip
  • Exercise vigorously to clear your head
  • Do hard things: don’t be afraid to push forward
  • Get out of your rut by willing it to happen
  • Let the positive overwhelm the negative

When you hit a plateau, there is no need to feel that all is lost. We all run into a brick wall from time to time but it needn’t knock us senseless. It is a wake-up call to turn in another direction. Perhaps work is becoming drudgery or you are not communicating with your wife and kids. Friends shun you because you are always down. Taking command of your mental state can only propel you forward. Nothing can be all that bad for most of us, barring illness and death.

If it has to do with routine malaise, you have a lot of company. Sometimes life has its cycles—ups and downs. We go through periods of avoiding responsibilities and reverting to an older less mature self. Doing the hard things is often not within reach, but life demands it of us. When you are in the doldrums, try the following:

  • Treat yourself to something you love: a sports event, concert, new shoes, a gourmet meal
  • Get on Facebook and renew friendships
  • Drop in on family: they are always good for some love and caring
  • Make a list of your positive qualities and achievements in life
  • Perk yourself up with some yoga, exercise, and good nutrition. When your body is in tone, your mind will follow

You can be your own life coach, or get one. There is nothing as motivating as a pat on the back and a few compliments. Let yourself bask in your successes while obscuring the failures. Let them drift away…

Unhappy people dwell on the negative when it is over and done with. They can’t let go and move on. Recognize this in yourself and eradicate it with pleasant thoughts and the power of positive thinking. It is a kind of meditation exercise I am talking about, a kind of self-assurance that comes with the knowledge that dwelling on failure can only drag you down. Get up, get with it, and do hard things.