Dealing With Extreme Pressure

By | December 12, 2014

So much is written about stress and anxiety and what to do to cut the pressure out of our lives for good. It keeps building up for some who have to cope with tough jobs, a task-oriented home life, other people, and constant peer scrutiny. If you care what others think, you fall into this category. If you are numb to it all, that is also a problem. What is the right middle ground?

Apart from laying blame on all these factors, it comes down to the reality of who is at fault. You have heard the expression, “you are our own worst enemy.” It is true. We create so many expectations that we can’t meet, so many unattainable goals, and so much self-induced stress for no reason. It seems that we could also remove it all in a flash. Not so. Most people don’t know how to lay off, let go, and give themselves a break. Perhaps they need a blast from a pressure washer to clear their heads, some high-powered gas pressure washer too! That would be a good kind of pressure to undertake. We all need self-analysis and an effort to break through the barriers that block our happiness and progress in life.

It is possible to deal with extreme pressure of the negative kind. There are many basic tactics that can help.

  • Face the music: think of what is really wrong, write it down, stare at it, and absorb. What do you think is the truth?
  • Crave change: ask yourself if you want a calmer life without the torture of unnecessary stress. It is destructive and needs to be banished. Talk yourself into changing.
  • Ask for help: no doubt your friends and family see the pressure etched all over your face and in your body language. They want to support you.
  • Consult experts: if your entourage is loath to interfere, there are experts ready to advise you. They know the causes and concerns that define modern man and can offer suggestions. Just having someone to talk with is a godsend. Real therapy is a must for those plagued with pressure.
  • Learn tips and tricks: you can teach yourself new behavior and acquire a new attitude. At first you have to fake it a little until it becomes internalized. You can learn to say a mantra or affirmation each morning to direct your day in a positive direction. (I can, I will, I want….)
  • Keep pressure at bay: stay away from toxic people, places, and situations. Don’t repeat failures. You are in control. Knowing that is half the battle.
  • Rid your mind of the claptrap of negativity: use that mental pressure washer on high to cleanse yourself of bad thoughts, misgivings, excuses, and self-induced anxiety. The old school of “the power of positive thinking” is still going strong and is looking for new students.
  • A new you is awaiting: people don’t have to stay in a rut if they don’t want to. You can look forward to a better, happier life on your own terms. Say “no” to the status quo and “yes” to a new you.