Crushing the Resistance and Succeeding in Your Life

By | May 7, 2014

success_blog_fullThere are many different types of people in this world, those who start something and never finish it and those who not only finish but finish big. I have struggled much in this arena, trying to be the latter while trying to ignore that part of me that is the former. We all have these two characters as part of our personalities and the struggle is in determining which one will be the dominant and which will be recessive. It isn’t easy to do something unique and special, something creative that is a part of you alone. Accomplishing this requires a certain mind set and turning away from the enemy that resides within all of us… namely, ourselves.

I tend to be rather high-strung and motivated. I get an idea and I want it done now. That’s where a lot of my struggle lies as I always want everything done yesterday when I know that it will take a lot of good, hard work to accomplish the task at hand. Time is never on my side when my crazy ideas come to me. I have to work, eat, sleep, go places, do stuff, and it seems as though I never have the time necessary to get my ideas accomplished at the speed that I’d like. But, even when it seems to difficult to do what needs to be done, you have to stick to it, and rise to the challenge that is placed before you.

The resistance (a term from the book “The War of Art”) is within us all, it takes the form of laziness, procrastination and lack of self esteem. If we have a great idea but never get started on it, that’s laziness-taking effect and that costs a lot of people a lot of great accomplishments. Motivation is a key factor in overcoming the resistance to great ideas becoming great realities. Procrastination makes us tell ourselves that we will get the job done but first we should read up on the task, or study harder and learn more. We will do a much better job tomorrow after a full night’s sleep and upon awakening we suddenly decide that either the idea isn’t so wonderful after all or we still don’t think we are ready to tackle it yet. When procrastination takes hold, nothing ever manages to get done except for a lot of wheel spinning.

Self-esteem is another powerful factor in how we accomplish our tasks. If we don’t feel we are strong enough or smart enough or good enough at what we do, we sabotage ourselves faster than anyone else could ever sabotage us. Tiptoeing around all of these factors while trying to do something spectacular is the easiest way to allow those factors to slip in around the edges of our will power and make us resist getting the job done. Instead we need to jump up and face each bad habit that tries to invade and cut it back down to size again.